Monday, May 30, 2016


LUNA FunPark 2016 :D INFO
Hej Welcome to the LUNA FunPark Blog :D
LUNA FunPark well start to open sun 1 ride at a time :D
We ar at SLB13 this year wear we wheel premiere 
aver first ride
(: Captain Pelican,s Tower :)
if u enjoy Great RL/SL FunPark Rides
we hop u com support us, and
kip coming beck to check the many new Rides
that well be coming all year :D
and next year :D
eventually with your help and support we will
Expand Wit
(: Wooods Land :)
it weeelllll be crazy hihih ;D
LUNA FunPark is Part of the
SL Harbor La Luna bay City

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